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Generate Feedback in Alfred 2 Workflows

After realizing that I had run out of function keys to launch my growing library of Services, I decided to try Alfred as an application launcher. The interface is intuitive and within an hour I had reassigned all of my keyboard shortcuts and was calling scripts by keyword. The option to generate feedback in workflows […]

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Create time-based Gmail filters with Google Apps Script

Somewhere between spam and archived messages are the emails that I want to glance at briefly, yet I don’t want clogging my Inbox when I forget to delete them. Apple Mail lets you create a rule for messages received greater than x days old. However, because the condition is only tested as messages arrive, none […]

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Imgur Service for fast image sharing

Posting images in most message boards involves uploading the image to a host, copying the URL, and then enclosing the URL in Bulletin Board Code [img][/img] tags. This service uses the Imgur API to reduce the steps in the process to one control-click. Register for a free Anonymous API Developer Key. Then, choose a Service […]

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Rename and File Aperture Projects by Date

Although every Aperture 3 user organizes their projects differently, I am sure most of you have some unfiled, unnamed, and otherwise unorganized projects floating around your Library. To prevent having an unmanageable sidebar with endless scrolling, I file these projects in a folder until I find a home for them. Select a project, folder, or […]

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