Reference selected Calendar events in AppleScript

Unlike most Apple applications, Calendar does not include a selection property in its AppleScript dictionary. This makes it difficult to script tasks that require references to multiple events, such as adding alerts to several meetings from different calendars. Some users have resorted to GUI scripting or parsing event properties from the clipboard as a workaround. […]

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Generate Feedback in Alfred 2 Workflows

After realizing that I had run out of function keys to launch my growing library of Services, I decided to try Alfred as an application launcher. The interface is intuitive and within an hour I had reassigned all of my keyboard shortcuts and was calling scripts by keyword. The option to generate feedback in workflows […]

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google apps script

Create time-based Gmail filters with Google Apps Script

Somewhere between spam and archived messages are the emails that I want to glance at briefly, yet I don’t want clogging my Inbox when I forget to delete them. Apple Mail lets you create a rule for messages received greater than x days old. However, because the condition is only tested as messages arrive, none […]

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Imgur Service for fast image sharing

Posting images in most message boards involves uploading the image to a host, copying the URL, and then enclosing the URL in Bulletin Board Code [img][/img] tags. This service uses the Imgur API to reduce the steps in the process to one control-click. Register for a free Anonymous API Developer Key. Then, choose a Service […]

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Rename and File Aperture Projects by Date

Although every Aperture 3 user organizes their projects differently, I am sure most of you have some unfiled, unnamed, and otherwise unorganized projects floating around your Library. To prevent having an unmanageable sidebar with endless scrolling, I file these projects in a folder until I find a home for them. Select a project, folder, or […]

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